At AGPV, the high school students will be imparted with innovative ways of teaching methods, integrated with concepts and development skills. For Grades 8, 9, and 10, we offer Karnataka State Government curriculum. By keeping the competition demands of today’s era, our education pattern framework is designed for high school students that enables them to meet different aspects of developmental fields, ample options building knowledge, engage in extracurricular activities, and participation in sports. Fostering a quality education is the aim of AGPV, which has a determined vision for students to excel in their career path and make recognition of their desire goals.

Academic Curriculum

The curriculum prescribed at AGPV is Karnataka State Government Syllabus that strives to provide ample scope for the students to develop physical, intellectual, and social skills integrated with the customized learning process.

The curriculum envisages Scholastic Areas such as Languages, Social Science, Mathematics, Science, Academic Elective Subjects, and Skill Subjects. Co-scholastic will effectively lead to better learning ability for the child.

Co-scholastic activities used for both cognitive and non-cognitive development, which include Art, Crafts, Literatures, Health and Physical Education, Games, Indigenous Sports, etc.